“*uck polite” “let it matter” “speak with how you feel” are just some of the things Aileen has instilled in me that have seen me through in the arts and in life.
— Yasen Atour, Actor - The State, Ben-Hur, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and Marcella.

Being deeply false has become normalised in theatre today. 

When you are acting you know when you are being false; your body feels it, your heart feels it, but no one will tell you the truth - 

I will.

As you will have heard, “acting is reacting” but when did you last really do that?

 Do you recognise any of the following:

  • Rehearsing your lines on your own but not actually speaking to someone.
  • Pretending to listen.
  • Deciding how you’re going to feel.

And are you getting away with it?

Are you trying to recreate the same performance every night? Why? How?

The whole earth has rotated round the sun, every cell in your body has changed, the whole audience has changed but you’re trying to recreate the same performance every night?

Awaken your passion. Release your power.

An actor walks out on stage and responds to another actor. In that moment, the audience feels whatever the actor truly feels, to the level the actor feels it. This is the power of the actor.

We need you now to help us feel something real - only you can. It’s time to open audience's hearts, by being authentically alive.

The Gonsalves Method enables you:

  • To be alive moment to moment though under the strictest blocking, including line readings, and specific direction. 
  • To apply it to any play, in any company, that keeps your integrity but still gives the director what they want.
  • To be a more honest actor, more connected to other actors and to the audience.

Regular Monday night drop-in classes, are held at Artsed, London. Plus Intensive Workshops are running this summer https://artsed.co.uk/holiday-courses/booking/adult-courses-summer

Private coaching for audition prep - I will unlock ways to immediately be more connected to your truth in the work. 

Contact me for more information.

Aileen has an incredible amount of passion for what she does. I’m grateful to have worked with her so many times, and for the many things she’s taught me.
— Zak Rowlands, Actor - ROOTS.