Aileen and her team redefined our expectations as to what business training looks like.
— Jon Linscott, Creston Group.

A radical new acting training method will change the way you see and respond to each other and your clients. Creating more authentic connection resulting in more honest and profitable relationships.

The problem with presentation, public speaking and personal impact training up to now is that it has trained people to have their attention inwards. This makes people feel more and more self conscious. Individuals believe they need to be more appropriate and more professional and thus become more mundane. 

The Gonsalves Method through a series of simple exercises efficiently:

  • Re awakens passion in your teams.
  • Allow your strong people to shine and be inspiring lights to each other.
  • Gives permission for your workers to fully make their unique contribution.
  • Reminds your colleagues of their entitlement to be there.
  • Inspires your colleagues to gain ownership of their work.
  • Allows you all to bring your authentic selves to work.


  • Much improved internal relationships leading to better communication.
  • More authentic client relationships leading to more trust.
  • More dotted lines signed and deals made.
  • More original creative ideas and boldness released.
  • More flair revealed and risk taking leading to richer creativity.
  • A more vivid workplace environment and happier workforce.

All communication is: 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% the words you say!  The Gonsalves Method helps you get under the words. See more, hear more, and use 100% of what is at your disposal. 

The training was excellent!...I’ll use during internal team meetings, client meetings, new business meetings; building rapport with colleagues and clients alike. Loved the enthusiasm and energy!
— Claire Woods, Red Door Communications.