Aileen is an inspirational director and theatre practitioner. In education settings she captivates  children, young people and teachers with her practice which takes participants on a theatre making journey that ultimately helps them know themselves and each other more deeply. Aileen has a unique ability to develop truthful connection between the groups she works with. Her dual commitment to excellence and joy creates very special outcomes for all who work with her or participate in the work she makes.
— Jacqui O’Hanlan, Director of RSC Education.

A radical new teaching method that will change the way you approach explorations of character, and transform how you discover stories.

Aileen’s extensive links to education have given her a fresh insight into teaching. The Gonsalves Method can be applied to teaching a range of subjects: Drama, English, History and Languages.

The Gonsalves Method will allow students and teachers to:

  • Truly explore characters, whether historic or fictional from the inside out.
  • Deeply examine their motivations, what is important to them and what are they fighting for.
  • Debate why characters feel entitled to get what they want.
  • Understand things from the character's viewpoint
  • To do rigorous, imaginative script analysis that is detailed and effective.


  • Creating immediate emotional engagement.
  • Students connect their emotions and experiences directly to the character.
  • Brings text to life in a new way.
  • As a result the students become complicit in the character's decisions.
  • Enabling them to “let it matter.”


Simple to apply, creating many opportunities for written work. Easily tied into any exam syllabus, particularly when unpicking and grappling with Shakespeare.

You will leave the course clearer and more confident at interacting with your material. You will also gain the added bonus of immediately being more connected to your students.

Aileen’s work is so innovative and rewarding. Aileen’s career as a director, acting coach and teacher with outstanding pedagogic ideology creates the ideal blend for understanding the needs of today’s working actors. ArtsEd students have gained such benefit from working with Aileen and her insightful way of getting the most from actors makes for the most enjoyable and stimulating sessions.
— Chris Hocking, Principal, The Arts Educational Schools London.