People I work with:

Butterfly Theatre Company - Artistic Director 

Royal Shakespeare Company - Director, Associate Director, Educational Associate Practitioner

Kali Theatre Company - Associate Director, Dramaturge 

BBC Radio 4 and CBBC - Writer

Kiss the Frog Productions - Dramaturge - Leading Contributor 

ArtsEd Drama School - Head of the MA in Acting 2012-15, Teacher

Horace Mann School NYC - Shakespeare Workshop Leader

WeLocals NYC - Trainer

WeWork NYC - Trainer

Palikuku Films - Trainer

Creston Group - Trainer

Red Door Communications - Trainer

AXA - Trainer

Aileen Gonsalves’ approach is pioneering, exhilarating and inspiring. Whether it’s working with seasoned performers, students, or film and stage directors, her method changes perspectives not just on the theatre and the actor’s craft but on how we encounter each other and the world around us. To experience Aileen’s method is to be given tools for life! It’s no exaggeration to say that she is one of the foremost performing arts innovators of our age.
— Dr Chris Laoutaris, Lecturer at the Shakespeare Institute and author.
You can always rely on Aileen to bring a mischievous and enquiring mind to any project. She’s a real force of nature.
— Kevin Fitzmaurice, Lead Producer, RSC.
It is rare to meet someone whose energy and enthusiasm is so completely contagious. Aileen holds her unique and singular vision like a burning torch, lighting the way for playful, spontaneity amongst a genuine creative community.
— Gail Sixsmith: Movement Director, Actress, Director, Artistic Collaborator.
Aileen is nothing short of inspirational. A positive energy much needed in our industry. “*uck polite”.
— Gary Sefton, Actor & Artistic Director “True Story”.
Aileen has been working on the Kali Writer’s Development Program and has delivered inspiring script development workshops alongside excellent script in hand play readings. Beautifully staged and confidently performed by actors in just two days! Aileen has also shown great sensitivity to our writer’s needs. Kali is delighted to be working with her.
— Helena Bell - Artistic Director, Kali Theatre.
Aileen Gonsalves is a mainstay of HM’s faculty CPD for teachers of students aged 3 to 18. She is masterful at translating rehearsal room techniques into engaging classroom exercises, and her work with teachers to create new curricula and site-specific projects has transformed our program.
— Adam Cadsin, Former Chair at Horace Mann Upper Division English.
If you ever doubted that only *7% of communication is in what you say, go experience Aileen using her “Gonsalves Method” at one of her directing workshops.  When you do, you may well feel a light bulb go off!  Damn! “The Gonsalves Method” will work in any situation that requires interaction between people. It is integral to the customer experience training sessions that my company offers. Thanks to the “Gonsalves Method”, we now have a stronger, more effective and dynamic program.
— Tony Powe, Founder/ CEO We LocalsNYC. 
I have found Aileen’s method deeply transformative – both in my personal life and professionally. It has made me realise that the foundation of good theatre lies in the combined effect of seeing others clearly and being seen clearly by others – in each moment afresh. If you allow this to happen – as an actor, as a director and as a member of the audience – it will cause you to relinquish control and will render you affectable in the most vulnerable way conceivable. This is both incredibly scary and exhilarating as it enables actors and audiences to connect in new and powerful ways – not only with the action in hand, but with each other and their true selves. As a result, we are confronted with what it means to be human. This is why, to me, there is no greater education than being part of truthful theatre.
— Nicholas Humphrey, Artistic Director of the Drama Department University of Education Heidelberg, Germany.
The training was excellent!  Thoroughly enjoyable and hugely rewarding to see the progression we made from the beginning of the session to the rapport we all had with each other (and the trainers) by the end.  We were also taught transferable skills, being able to recognise and bounce off other people to either re-engage or hold attention.   I’ll use during internal team meetings, client meetings, new business meetings; building rapport with colleagues and clients alike. Loved the enthusiasm and energy!
— Claire Woods, Red Door Communications.
Aileen and her team redefined our expectations as to what business training looks like and showed us how a truly interactive session can have real and practical meaning in response to specific challenges long after the day itself is over. We looked at our challenges in a unique way and found out much about ourselves during our training session. As a result of the skills we developed with the Butterfly team, we now have another way of approaching relationships with each other, our clients and in new business meetings.
— Jon Linscott, Creston Group.
“You are unique.” As soon as I saw Aileen standing in front of me saying these words at my Drama School audition I knew where I wanted to train. She is an inspiring teacher and director: passionate, engaged and deeply caring. The lessons I learned from her I take into the vocal booth with me all the time, especially the phrases “Do the research then let it go” and “Something will happen.”
— Esther Wane, Voice Over Actor, Malory Towers.
Aileen is a unique and passionate actor, director and individual. Both trained by her, and having worked with her - she has an incredible ability to enable you to live in the moment, and be your unique self. I carry this this with me not only in my work but in my daily life. Thank you Aileen!
— Cecilia Shaw, Production Manager, Intermission Theatre.
I’ve really enjoyed working alongside Aileen, co-leading Creative Learning CPD sessions with her, especially for secondary school teachers. She is inspirational and encouraging, she puts people at their ease and encourages them to take risks, break out of the usual practices, and develop new ones.
— Rebecca Gould, Associate Practitioner, RSC.
Working with Aileen is a dynamic and empowering experience. Her work is immediate, compelling and full of inspiration and humour.
— Joanna Foster, Actor/Singer/Composer, RSC, RNT.
Aileen gives so much when she works on text and narrative with her cast. As a composer she always gives room and time to musical language.
— Simon Slater, Composer, Musical Director, Amadeus National Theatre 2018.
We have worked with Aileen before in a workshop setting with drama students and she was able to tap into the individual’s strengths and build their confidence and ability.
— Lennie Varvarides, Producer, DYSPLA.
An amazing life changing experience to be able to work with super-talented Aileen.
— Preethi Nair, Author and MD of Kiss The Frog Productions.
The mental breakthrough I received from my brief time with Aileen was substantial. She helped pull back the veil of perception which in turn improved my observational skills and modified my outward behavior. Like a magic trick being revealed, her techniques are simple yet effective. It’s fascinating to watch yourself learn new tricks.
— Charles Branstool, Owner, Exit9 Gift Emporium, Brooklyn & NYC.