To experience Aileen’s method is to be given tools for life! It’s no exaggeration to say that she is one of the foremost performing arts innovators of our age.
— Dr Chris Laoutaris, Lecturer at the Shakespeare Institute and author.

The Gonsalves Method - a radical new method of training and coaching actors developed by Aileen Gonsalves to combat the great falseness and inauthenticity raging through the acting profession. 

Enough is enough.  If not now, when? If not you, who?

Aileen has had extensive acting and writing experience across TV, film, theatre and radio with a wide range of directors and styles. Her unique method developed experientially over 20 years, helped her work as a director with actors and teaching across the RSC, RADA, Rose Bruford, Mountview and intensively on the ArtsEd MA programme that Aileen directed for 4 years. Rooted in Meisner, practised and tested with her theatre companies, C Company and now Butterfly in over 100 productions.  Refined over two decades to help actors find authentic connection and create real emotion in themselves and the audience, in each moment. 

Currently being used across the acting profession producing more authentic performances. Creating more authentic productions that make you, the audience, feel something real moment to moment.

Now moving into and transforming real world environments across business and education.

Are you being the most authentic - you - in life?

Are you being the most authentic - you - in work?

What’s the difference? 

Or are you just being appropriate?

Whether it’s being an appropriate Lady Macbeth or an appropriate teacher, an appropriate office manager or appropriate sales advisor.

The world doesn’t need appropriate you, we need authentic you.

APPROPRIATE YOU                                                                                     AUTHENTIC YOU                                   

Is worried about yourself and how you’re coming across                                Has permission to be yourself

Is constantly trying to get things right                                                           “Affectable" at all times

Terrified of making mistakes                                                                          Unafraid to be “crap now”

Self conscious at all times                                                                               Attention out

Constantly censoring yourself                                                                        Speak before you think

Worried about what you said or did                                                               Leap before you look

Sees what you want to see                                                                              Sees clearly

Responds politely and appropriately                                                              Responds honestly

Acts like you’re listening                                                                                Listens clearly

I will take you through a series of simple exercises to connect you to your true unique self which will help you see more clearly. This will connect you more authentically to others, moment to moment.

Whether in acting, business or education.

Insightful, generous and provoking. Aileen’s way of working manages to be both life affirmingly inspiring and down to earth practical. Rigorous and intensive theatre-making with a big smile.
— Ian Wainwright, Project Producer,  Royal Shakespeare Company.